Thursday, November 08, 2012

The View From Baker Lake

One of the most exciting things about our new appartment is that we have a view of the lake.  Last year we mostly had a view of nothing as we faced into a hill and then the backs of a few houses.  Of course, on days like today it doesn't matter where you face - all you are going to see is blowing snow.

According to the current weather report, the visibility is 0 m - which is, of course, a bit of an exageration.  I can still make out the Old Coop/New KSO - but certainly, its not more than 100 m.  The winds are 61 km/h gusting to 87 - which is strong even for here - not crazy strong, but definitely blizzard inducing.

Molly is curled up behind my laptop and Zoe atop her favourite chair.  Earlier they were both looking out the window, but they moved while I went to get my camera.  They looked perplexed.  Zoe knocked the bedside phone behind the bedside table, which meant that I had to sprint for the nearest easy to find phone in the living room this morning.  Having cats definitely makes life interesting.  They seem to be adjusting to daylight savings time (from a feeding standpoint).  Molly has discovered her voice and like any teenager is giving her "parents" lots of lip.  She'll meow demandingly and then bound over to her favourite toy or to the bathroom where her leftover food is kept (Molly is a grazer and Zoe is a gobbler which continues to make feeding a bit of an entertaining prospect).  Zoe on the other hand only meows if she feels like I've overslept and failed to feed her.  If that doesn't work she'll try kisses and pestering, but once she has been fed she is an angel.  Molly doesn't pester us in the morning usually, but we are still working on keeping her off the counters.

And that is my news from the north.... watch for post blizzard pictures this weekend perhaps.
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