Saturday, November 10, 2012

Points Beyond

My kitten is literally sleeping on my mouse cord which is making using my computer difficult.  I wish I had a camera handy to capture this irristiable cuteness, but I know if I go get it, she'll just follow me and stop being so cute.  She's been pure cuddlebug today - our Molly has.

Its a usual Saturday and I have so much I aught to be doing that I'm feeling guilty taking a minute to blog, but I can't actually close my computer without waking the kitten.  So a quick hello to the cold (soon to be much colder) and snowy north and I should probably get dressed, do errands, bake, do more stuff, clean and organize and a few other things.  Especially now that my typing has annoyed the kitten and she has gone somewhere quieter to nap. (I did get around to plugging in my camera to charge so I can keep it close at hand for future kitten cuteness.

Zoe being more philosophical about Saturday is curled up blissfully on the couch enjoying the quiet.  She's really settled in to the point that we are sure that at some point she was someone's well loved and played with pet.  She is very good at playing with cat toys, often exhibiting more ability and enthusiasm than the kitten.  She also knows that counters are not places for kittens and what the word down means... if only she could explain that to Molly.

On that note, I've finished the last bit of coffee in my mug and no longer have Molly as an excuse, so I should get off this idiot machine and go do those useful things.
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