Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zoe Snuggles In

Zoe likes being warm and doesn't mind being wrapped up in blankets.  For the record, she actually did this herself by walking through a blanket I'd draped over the coffee table to make a "kitten cave".  Zoe is the calmer cat and is slowly turning into more and more of a lap cat.  When we first got her, Zoe would tolerate being picked up for about 30 seconds, if and only if, you were walking around with her.  Now, depending on her mood, she'll let you hold her for a few minutes, especially if you take her over to the window to look out.  Molly prefers to curl up beside you or drape herself off the back of the couch which Zoe will eiether disdain your company for the chair on the other side of the room, or curl up right on top of you - depending on the current heat situation.  (We live in a building where we don't totally have control over the heat.  If it is warm outside it tends to be sweltering (25 C +) inside as the heat in the crawlspace - which does the important job of keeping the water and sewage flowing even during a blizzard - over heats the place, even with our heat off.  If the wind is blowing from the South though or the tempeature drops, it can dip below 20 C here.

Molly is now meowing and fighting invisible enemies... silly critter :D
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