Sunday, December 09, 2012

Appreciating Having the Use of 2 Feet

I'm feeling reflective and thankful and oddly profuse in my use of words.  I sometimes wonder what all the English teachers who had to force me kicking and screaming to write a journal would think of my blogging.  Not that I've been the blogger of the week for the last few years - but still more journaling than I've ever done in my life in spite of the fact that I limit what I can say to the bland and mundane and pretty pictures and cats.  Molly is sprawled out on the kitchen table, which is used more often as a desk space than a table.

I've got some music on and was doing a bit of "dancing".  I wouldn't exactly call it dancing - but it struck me with great gratitude that its the first time in months that I can move easily on both feet.  I love being bare-foot - so even having to wear shoes was a drag at home.  Breaking my foot, as random and relatively minor a set-back as it was, as greatly increased my gratitude for my feet.  I love walking, running, climbing and even sorta dancing.  I missed hiking and biking greatly this summer in Canmore - even walking around time I frequently had to sit because the underused muscles in my calf would cramp up or my foot would feel sore and now its currently too cold for a lot of walking about and furthermore my current insulated rubber boots are a size too big and I can't walk long distances in them because they make my toes on my healing foot cramp up.  I'm already looking forward to this summer when I'll be able to walk along the Bow River and hike up to Grassi Lakes and maybe even make it back up to Healy Pass this summer.  There is a deep streak of mountain girl in my soul and my feet long to carry me  Lake O'hara and through fields of alpine meadow flowers and see the spring orchids burst into life.  My eyes long to watch the sun set behind the mountains and watch the mountains disappear in heavy summer rains.  I love Baker Lake - but with the winter weather set in - I probably won't get farther than the Sewage Lagoon or Dump before we are back in the mountains.
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