Saturday, June 22, 2013

Canmore Flooding Part 1

The Bridge St. bridge - with water flowing just below the road surface. - 10:30 pm June 21 2013

Looking Banffward (westish) down the Bow River.

The area to the right is usually dry.

The moon rising over 7th Avenue as it has finally stopped raining after at least 215 mm of rain have fallen.

More moonrise... this time over the laneway.

I feel compelled to write an actual real blog entery.  I've spent the last few days painting and moving and watching flood coverage and playing mom to a 7 week old.  The flooding in Alberta is the first time I've been in a disaster zone.  On the one hand, I've been spared any serious personal troubles by the rain.  We've carried on with our lives somewhat normally and walking down the Main St. in Canmore - it looks as though Policeman's Creek is flowing really high, but otherwise there is very little evidence of the flooding and destruction in other parts of town.  Looking at the pictures of Calgary is frightening - but I can't even keep my eyes open any more - so I'll write more tomorrow.
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