Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Photographer Kitty - A camera for my head


Molly is struggling to compete for attention with the small human - mostly because her mom spends a lot of time sitting attached to said small human staring into space - instead of playing with the feather toy.  In good news, I have Molly chasing after mice (Zoe has always been good at it).  I promised the cats that I would bring them back a package of Martha Stewart Balls (we left all ours up north) and some more springs (if I can find them)  (Cat springs continue to be a difficult comodity to locate).

Zoe has taken to napping nearly exclusively in the Kitty hidaway... and Molly likes to be where ever her human's perfer her not to be.  Zoe let me cut her nails today without much bother and I'm 0/3 attempts at clipping Molly's nails... this is once again going to be a 2 man job.  Ah Molly... such a teenage cat you are.  At present - as pictured above - Molly is using my camera as a pillow... while lying atop a pile of papers and odds and ends that can't possibly be comfortable.

I've yet to decide whether to feature photos of the small human here.  Part of me wants to share her and part of me worries about posting her picture here.  You'l just have to take my word on her cuteness and if you know me well enough and haven't seen pictures.. let me know and I'll happily share.
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