Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring is thinking about visiting the mountains

To balance the overwhelming abundance of photos of my 2 cats and make up for taking so very few landscape photos since breaking my foot just over a year ago - I though I'd share this shot of the 3 sisters on a fine spring day whilst we enjoyed the beautiful weather on what could be one of our last stroller free walks.  It was actually warm enough that I was able to wear just a t-shirt by the end.

Its been both busy and quiet for the last few weeks.  The weather has also been flipping between spring and winter as it seems to be in the rest of the country.  Although, most of the snow in the valley has melted, there is still lots adoring the mountains.

The kitties are doing well.  Zoe is contentedly asleep after eating her breakfast, and Molly is sitting on the table beside me, enjoying pets and waiting for me to finish my breakfast so she can lick the spoon (yogurt) or get me to play the feather toy game with her.  She's still such a total spaz, but pretty.

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