Sunday, April 14, 2013

There be large rocks here - sometimes called mountains

A peaceful afternoon in our household.  S. is learning how to play Dix-it by watching and episode of Table Talk. I'm fiddling with pictures.  Molly is napping in the cat-tree and Zoe is sleeping on the bed.  We enjoyed a bowl of proper home-made chicken soup for lunch and we are hoping that C, C, J and R are having a safe drive home this afternoon - since it was amazing to see them yesterday.

This is before the dump of snow we are currently getting.  The mountains are just poking out of the clouds on a bright day.  Now they are coverd in a good bit of snow as it continues to snow heavily here.

Molly is mewing for a belly rub.  She is such a suck sometimes.

Anywho.. better go be useful.  
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