Friday, April 12, 2013

Molly Undercover

Our cats have been troopers over the last month of moving, airplanes and hotels and new places.  I think it has actually made them closer to each other, although I may be biased by the fact that the two of them are snuggled together on the top of the cat tree and look quite peaceful.  Zoe as usual has surprised us with her resiliancy.  She has actually done incredibly well and done a lot of things to help Molly, who has definitely struggled more with the transitions.  Zoe is a mom at heart who I've seen come and comfort Molly when she's mewed with stress.  That said, for the most part, Molly has done okay.  Its just that Zoe has been extra caring towards her and Molly has been content to be mothered.

Molly has also grown inches in the last few weeks.  She is now noticably bigger than Zoe.  They have also taken up some new habits.  Both seem more inclined to crawl under blankets (please check for a cat before sitting on the couch or bed).  We have gotten them two new toys.  One called the hideaway which has some toys, scratch post and a hanging space with two windows for sleeping in or using as cover when you play.   The other is a small cat tree with a tube and a sleeping platform which doubles as an excellent stratching post.  See next post for more info on the tree.

We are also adapting.  We've recovered a bit from the stress of moving and managing all the bits and pieces we needed to get done in the last few weeks and are slowly gearing up for the next lot of changes.  We aren't at all sure we are ready, but I guess I hear no one every is.  
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