Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Where have I been? Collecting photos - so hopefully I'll have lot write about!

Okay - looks like we are 3/4 of the way through the year and I'm only on my 3rd post.  Fair enough - work keeps me busy and in my not working time I was busy playing in the woods and taking lots and lots of pictures - probably the most I've taken since my oldest was a baby or the year we got our cats.  Hopefully, this bounty of nature photos translates into some good posts about my adventures the last few months.  I thought I'd share this bog picture from Cirque Lake as this is still the Bog Blog and I do occasionally make it to the alpine tundra if not the actual tundra.

I knew at the end of last year my soul was starving for trees and brooks and views that made your heart sing - so I dragged my small humans into the woods and up the hills and to as many mountain lakes as we could pack into on summer.  This was our most recent and I think a new favourite.

Cirque Lake was a fun and varied hike, only rarely more muddy than I'd like and the Lake was breath taking.  We randomly met multiple people from back home on route and made it back to the campsite in time for dinner.


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