Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Buckhorn Roadtrip

In other excitement, we went to Buckhorn to check out a display put on by a supercool artist - Tim Packer at the Gallery at the Lake. There was also a huge annual craft fair going on and a couple other neat spots. This picture is taken somewhere on the Trent Severn waterway, not far from the highway. The water was high and raging and didn't look warm either.

It was neat driving back roads and seeing parts of Ontario I haven't seen before and spending time with my family.

I finished the Davinci Code today. The second book since the end of school. Never underestimate the time unpacking, job hunting, sorting, moving furniture and hanging out with your family will take. I still haven't gotten my own paints out yet. As for the book, well, it suffered from way too much hype. I actually liked Angels and Demons (the other Dan Brown book better). Overall, they were both sort of okay. I enjoyed reading them, but it was not so great that I'd recomend it to all my closest friends. They'd be great for a long bus ride and I like that the author had lots of short chapters. It was hard to put down owing to good pacing and suspense and there were lots of neat factoids and ideas. Yet - it lacked the kind of depth and character-catharsis that leaves the reader with a lasting fondness for the character. My suggestion - Read Robin Hobb if you haven't already. Her assassin's apprentice series are where you should start, and I've met few people who have not gotten all the way through the first 9 books, that read the first 3. I'm stalling reading her next book, which has been out since October until the second book comes out this September. I might try and stall a bit more - until the third one is in reach, but I might not be able to hold out that long.


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