Friday, May 26, 2006

The Only Other Picture I Could Find

I searched through boxes of photos and this was all I could find. I might have some pictures that Mrs. LeRiche gave me from drama in an envelope that has some group shots of him. If anyone has any other pictures, I'd love a copy.

This was taken in June 1995 at Elora Gorge where we went hiking. It was a fun trip.

Erin and Joe are the other folks in the picture. I'll keep looking.

The funeral is today and I know that it is going to be rough. I guess you can wish things were otherwise, but some things are beyond anyones ability to change or control. I keep playing back scenes from when we hung out - he seems so vivid and real its hard to imagine him being otherwise. The funeral is at 420 Dundas (between Hurontario and Cawthra) at 2 pm today.

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