Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Best of Engineering Pub Crawl T-Shirts

Here is Gabe and I at Canada's Wonderland. This was Gabe's first (and possibly last time going to wonderland). He was a good sport, letting me drag him on a bunch of rides, roller coasters and such.

I must say that I liked Top Gun the best (and I think that was Gabe's least favourite.) He did like the wild water canyon though. Even the weird 3 D Hanabarbara video was kind of cool.

Their prices have gone up insanely since I was a kid. You can't buy anything for a remotely reasonable price, and while we were a captive audience, you left feeling a bit ripped off.

Our T-Shirts resulted in numerous comments. For the record, they are engineering pub crawl t-shirts from UNB espouses our love for integration or the integral of e raised to the power of x, which happens to be e raised to the power of x for all of those of you who have let your calculus get rusty. I think9 or 10 people, mostly staff came and asked us about it.

In our defense, we got dressed and then much later decided to go after all. So we weren't planning to go before we wore the same t-shirt. I just grabbed the wrong sized one out of the cupboard and still had it in hand when I found my own and so I offered it to Gabe. It made the day and the picture memorable though.


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Blogger lothyn said...

You two are fantastically cute. You look so geeky and so happy in your t-shirts that i can't help but smile! Glad that Gabe made it back safely and you're both home.

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