Monday, June 05, 2006

Funny and Funny in Grade 9

Whew. . . At least I wasn't quite the geekiest kid in school (albeit that I did memorize the periodic tables up to 104 for a couple of bonus marks.)

I thought everyone would smile to see Gareth and Alex and remember their hijinx. I haven't heard much about them recently. Alex is a genius and Gareth I heard joined the army.

It's neat that so many people are reading my blog. I suppose I'd better start trying to use full sentences and proper spelling.

I cut out halfway through the last blog where I was just about to describe the different between perserverance and perseveration. I was interupted by the surprise arrival of my very own angel (aka gabriel) 2 days earlier than I'd expected. So, its not surprising that I didn't finish the blog. I was accused of perseveration because I want to replace my current glasses with an identical pair because I like them and I don't like the weird new ones that count as fashion these days. (my current ones are a simple pair of black wireframe glasses. Perseveration is: " The tendency to continue or repeat an act or activity after the cessation of the original stimulus." Sigh... now I guess I'll have to pick different glasses just to prove my mom wrong.

So now everything is much messier, but its nice having Gabe here. He was missed.

I'll keep the pictures coming.

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