Saturday, June 03, 2006

"This is me in Grade 9" BNL

My brother is a huge BNL fan... as were we back when Gorden wasn't even out. Probably one of the 2 best concerts I've ever been too (and both were at Kingswood - aka Canada's Wonderland) was the Barenaked Ladies in the pouring rain and Depeche Mode (it was like a huge sing-a-long).

So, this is me in grade 9. . . If I was a bit self crueler - I might include a shot of my self portrait which I painted from it. Actually the picture isn't that different expect we were suposed to do it in an unrealistic palate - so my eyes are red and my skin is yellow.

I really always hated these glasses. They never fit right and they never sat straight and they're huge!!!

Wow... do I look like a 90's geek with big plastic earings and bangs that I probably adjusted myself (I finally realized that I shoud stop trying to cut my own hair.)

The Orange shirt I'm wearing eventually became my tree planting shirt. It has faded to a pale orange and is stained and torn (I later retired it to my work shirt - so it has lots of paint and oil stains). I think I still have that Northern Reflections windbreaker somewhere too. I should take a look for it. Its a cool colour.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Jennith, what an adorable picture of you! I think you should definitely use it for your fb profile pic!


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