Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blind Revelations

The nostalgia continues. . .

Okay, here is the set of Blind Revelations circa April 1995. The silouette in the forground is our leader. She's one of those awesome crazy teachers who practically live at school doing extracuricular drama.

There are actually 3 locations visible. The actors are in the mad doctors study or some such place. I'm not sure where the kitchen (centre stage) was, but the fridge and shelves are full of cans that we labelled with generic "post apocalypse government" labels. The ingredients (which I believe I was entirely guilty for) contain things like eyes and frogs legs and rehydrogenated spamwhales or some such - not exactly appettizing stuff. That fridge was still in the lighting room 7 or 8 years later - heck it may still be there today. Memories of the lighting room... there is a sauce for the presidents choice folks. The last set - shaded in the darkness of a cross fade - is the isolation chamber/bedroom for the healthy post apopalyptic guinia pigs. Shamefully, I don't remember more of the story than that. Fun cast. Well written... oh and you have to be a bit careful of your speech in some lines though like "Mass starvation is killing us all" can sound an aweful lot like "Masturbation is killing us all" at least according to the judge.


I should get back to cleaning, cooking, reading and tidying.

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Blogger Ryan said...

"That fridge was still in the lighting room 7 or 8 years later"

It's probably happily co-habitating with my couch that never quite made it back home after Itches...

11:24 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

Yes, I think the last time I saw the fridge, the couch was still there.


7:55 PM  

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