Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some things changes and some stay the same

"They came like raindrops against the stone towers of time, but in time, it is always the rain that prevails, not the towers."
The Fool in Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin.

I can't remember the context of this quote, but it is one of my favourites. It speaks of the inevitability of death and sadness with a tone of acceptance. So, I accept what I cannot change - which is part of one of the best bible quotes out there - feel sad and begin to understand why religion is so important to so many people. I've seen a lot of people this week that I never thought to see again - Ralph, Jamie B., Jenn T., Todd, Chrises G and S, John Paul and Jim. They've grown in some ways (height mostly) - yet only a few were unrecognizable and none of their personalities had changed greatly. After the funeral, we spent some time at the family's home - then people went dispersed, changed and went to the Muddy Moose to drink and Karyoke their tributes to Dez. It would have been a nice reunion, but I kept thinking that it would have been better if the one person absent was there. I would have like to say hi to him.

The photo above is another example of things changing - that farm used to be across the road from my house. The land is now a big subdivision with a neighbourhood shopping centre. Even the stop sign has long been replaced with traffic lights. I used to ice skate on the field over there and I have lots of sunrise photos. On the other hand, the sun still rises in the same place and the world keeps turning and heck, it looks like I may have another year of school ahead of me. So, then again - somethings do stay the same.

My best friend from grade school is in Ontario. I'm hoping to see her Tuesday night. Its hard to imagine her all grown up and with a kid, as I haven't seen her in about 9 years. We used to think boys were gross and look at us now. Gabe should be here in a week! I miss him terribly and can't wait to introduce him to everyone.

So there is the nuts and bolts of my life. I've been instructed to clean my room and after playing in the garden - I should probably go clean myself too. I have piles of pictures to scan before I see my desk again :P. I suppose I'll move them first - and start by scanning the highschool ones - my immediate goals.

Take care

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Blogger lothyn said...

I haven't been here in a few days, and now you have me crying in the hospital library. I miss you. Hopefully i'll get to see you if/when we get out to ontario in a few weeks. \

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