Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And the sun rises in the East and Jenn is a student again

Well, its unofficially official - I'm a student again. I have at least progressed past my infatuation with the undergraduate degree and gone onto graduate school. Actually, truth be told I'm absolutely through the roof excited for a million reasons - not the least of which is that I've made a decision and I know what I will be doing more or less for the next 16 or so months. I suppose I should thank (blame) Pete Emerson for his inspiration and future advice, since I'll be playing in streams again this summer. I can only hope that I haven't been completely spoiled by the Mightly Little Main Restigoche. From my initial interaction, I'm pretty sure that I've been lucky to have an amazing supervisor who I think will be an inspiration as well.

Besides, I've always wanted to go to Guelph (even if spelling it is going to make me cross-eyed.) They have good rock climbing, awesome engineering jackets and a long history with various members of my family. So here goes - this is my new adventure and excuse to devour journal articles whole and play with computer software.

I can't post a picture - since I'm in the library and don't have access to my hardrive, but imagine me in business casual with a big grin on my face. :P




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