Thursday, June 08, 2006


Only picture of Jason in my repatoire to date. This was from our first French River trip when the black flies were unbarable.

Glasses were bigger back then! Having recently been diagnosed with an eye-turn (an overly active focusing tendency) and told to wear some weaker glasses when reading at the computer - I have had the joy of revisiting some of my own larger glasses. None of which are particularly flattering. However, I have noticed a difference in the ability of stay watching the computer screen. He he... but I'll be getting another pair of glasses eventually - so I won't have to look like an owl forever.

Lots of other thoughts I wish I had time to share, but my lunch hour is done and I'll have to get back to reading massive pdf files whole. I really wish that they would cease publishing pdf of papers with 2 or more columns - its next to impossible to read.

Anywho - later.

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