Saturday, June 24, 2006

Encore 'Ol Acer Keys

Here are some lake aquitaine maple keys photoed earlier this spring. Acer is the latin genus of the maples. I'm embaressed to admit that I don't know what kind these are, but I'd guess red maple or silver judging from the bits of leaves protruding in the pictures. I can't believe that it is almost July. I'm starting to get my brain around the basics of the ecology of rivers and the effects of low flows.

After a bike ride that ended when Gabe's tire blew up, we walked to Canadian Tire where we, after much kerfuffal got all the pieces we needed. We were rescued from further walking in the hot sun by my dad. My mom and I went to the Graden Centre and bought some flowers for the clay pot on the deck, bogonias for the front, and a super on sale basket for the porch. We also bought some soil. I even found a pair of awesome gardening gloves that fit my hands and were breathable enough for me to wear all day. We edged a bunch of beds and mixed some fancy dirt into some of them. There is still lots of gardening to do though.

Tomorrow we are doing a belated fathers day at my grandparents. It'll be good to see them and my Uncle Stevie again after a few weeks. Its been a weird few days of hearing from people I haven't heard from in a while from school and from years ago when I was practice teaching in Nunavut. Who knows. I feel really bad that I have been completely antisocial and haven't seen or talked to any of my friends in weeks. I really should give Erin a call. Oh, my other goal for tommorrow is to clean up the corner of my room that is my office, because right now there is still junk and half unpacked boxes of junk everywhere.

Its time for bed... look for some exciting pictures later this week.

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