Thursday, June 15, 2006

Post Picnic Enclave

The topic of discussion was out of my hearing range, but was possibly related to the assorted exciting books in the background or possibly foreign films or culture. I had a few moments of wonderment that my years in the quieter corners of Canada had caused a cultural lag on my part. Probably, its just my personality. I can't see living in Toronto causing me to be excessively interested in movies that require subtitles or spicy food. I'd rather be hiking and camping and identifying plants - not to knock other pursuits. And eating things which spiced with nothing more exciting that garlic or bay leaves or thyme or plain old table salt.

That aside - I had a wonderful reunion with a bunch of old highschool friends and if some topics left me with little to add owing to my ignorance, there is much to be said for listening and learning in all social circles. Besides, to my relief they haven't changed all that much - still prone to goofy antics, british humour (aka monty python) and properly geeky things. So, if I can stop reading about plant communities in the headwaters of the Thames river long enough to have an intermittent social life - it'll be good to be home.


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