Monday, June 12, 2006

Neat Columbine

So, this is getting to the point where I'm tired, so quick recap on my life.

On the exciting side, we got to watch my step dad gently beat my mom with a limp head of romaine lettuce amid a sea of bad puns. Wish I had a picture but my camera was elsewhere.

Saturday was James' b-day and I went to Centre Island and a party in TO. I think I rattled on about that and posted a few pictures. Excitement = $5 filing cabinet at a garage sale.

Today was a work day. We cleaned up the year, trimmed back some hedges raked up some leaves and planted some haustas. Geoff and Erin came over and we taught Gabe how to play Settlers of Catan. Yeah.

Tommorrow... back to learning.

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