Friday, June 09, 2006


I hope Erin doesn't mind that I snatched this picture and reposted it on my blog. Its just exactly how I imagine myself. . . braids, backward baseball cap and big backpack and boots. It took me a while to figure out where it was taken. . . it seemed to be too open to be Erin's landing and then I saw the intercom box and placed the wooden railings. This is the enterenceway to Frogmore Estates (the apartment building where I had been living for the last 4 years.) What threw me was that the walls are white - now they have this fancy green/blue paint.

Its been a good day, in spite of working most of the day. You'll note that they frequency and quality of this book are both likely to decrease now that I am working. My mom gave me this book that starts off with the line "Do princess's where hiking boots?". :D It was great. I won't spoil it, but I highly recomend it.

I have curtailled my newspaper reading. I'm surprised at my lack of desire to follow the terrorist arrests closely. Generally, I follow local stories closely. I think partly that it is my own mixed feelings about it. I certainly am not happy to hear that people born and raised here were turned against their own country, yet I have too many friends of Muslim background to want to join the feeding frenzy on yet more bad publicity for their community. What I have skimmed in the papers, shows that different writers have handled the story differently - but its not a straight forward issue (in contrast to the ecoli disaster in Kashechewan) so you are getting more variety of opinions. Some of the articles are well thought out, and some are a touch nasty and most are simply calculated to get the best readership and not especially brilliant journalism. I don't mind hearing updates on the case, but I'd like to see a bit more variety in the news. I'm glad the police were on the ball - kudos to them. But if you beat the issue long enough, its only going to show up the dirty underside of all of our hearts as we let 17 young men and youths represent the entire Canadian Muslim communtiy.

Gabe baked a wonderful cake, but we were too full to eat it tonight... but its cake for breakfast for sure!! I have lots of thoughts, but I can't seem to get them all down. It could be the lateness of the hour. Thanks to everyone for making today special. Life is a crazy place. I guess you can only live it as it comes. I'll think some more tomorrow.

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