Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thoughts for June 2006

I thought it would be a reasonable follow-up to my blog about the terrorist arrests to provide this link to Walkom's Star article. While my view isn't exactly the same has his - I felt he raised some points about popular opinion being shaped by alarmist political and journalistic behavior.


This second link to a Toronto Star article discusses the interaction between Muslim spokespeople and the media and who speaks for who. The article highlights the fact that the "terrorists" don't really represent the views of the vast majority of Muslims and diversity of interpretation of the religion by immigrants and Canadian-born Muslims. Here is the link to "and who speaks for the Muslims?"

On the four sisters at the Lakeview generating station. . .

I think it would be neat if they erected a wind generator or a large solar power complex as part of a new marine landmark (or perhaps a new candu reactor) to commemorate the shift to cleaner energy sources in Ontario.

River Ecology Thoughts:

Hygropetric or Madicolous Habitats: neat names for a habitat where there is a continuous thin sheet of water trickling or seeping over a bare-rock (Hygropetric) or rock-muck-moss(Madicolous) surfaces.

Thoughts on the best decade to date...

I really liked the nineties. There are lots of things to be proud of as a species that happened.... the growth of the internet, environmentalism being cool, grunge, folk, alternative and celtic music (well a matter of taste), way better TV than now (Ninja turtles, Simpsons, Reboot, Due South).

This new decade (I don't think I need to comment on the 70's and 80's - there are lots of comments out there) hasn't been that exciting. Music and television content are embaressing (Reality TV - need I say more), attire that is uncomfortable, unflattering and shows no regard for the dangers of skin cancer, little kids with cellphones, ipods and dressed for the bar, epidemic childhood obesity, a war in the middle east (although the nineties had their share of conflicts - they didn't seem to have the prominence of the current one), The US being run by George (ex-addict with likely brain damage) Bush, the fumbling of the Kyoto accord (and I'm not stating whether I'm for or against it - just that either the scientists got it wrong and the politicians are doing the right thing and the environmental movement is set back or the scientists got it right, the politicians are doing their own thing for their own gain and we're screwed. Either way it isn't anything to feel good about)

So, there is a rant!!!! Maybe I'm just becomming an old fogey longing for the good old days before i gave in to drinking coffee.

Things I miss about Fredericton:

1. The tap water - Brita filtered Mississauga municipal water is okay, but Fredericton's water was awesome.
2. The walking bridge
3. Pool at the 20/Twenty ($2/hour - although I don't think it is anymore)
4. Watching the sun set from my balcony.
5. Eating breakfast on the balcony.
6. Downtown Fredericton and the local character created by old buildings (also on Campus)
7. The windows seats in the Old Head Hall
8. Odell park
9. The bike trails to Marysville
10. Heather's parties

Things I like about Guelph University.

1. People are generally friendly and dressed casually
2. Coffee and a muffin for $1.99
3. Lots and lots of computer terminals in the libraries and quiet spaces to work.
4. Lots and lots and lots of books about hydrology
5. Eclectic and surprising monuments and bits of arts.
6. My sister in law and Kirsten
7. Really cool stormwater management stuff in the city.
8. A real rock climbing wall
9. Actual engineering jackets
10. Pictures of my brother all over the engineering building

okay.. brain is refreshed.

Over and out for now,



Blogger Unknown said...

Not only is coffee and a muffin $1.99, but if you bring any refillable coffee mug you are charged for a small, now that is a policy that really encourages less waste!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Jennith said...

Lol... Thanks for the Tip...The muffin was only okay.. but bannana muffins run on the greasy side in some recipes - only tim horton's seems to get them the way I like them. You'll have to try my pumpkin chip muffins when I bake them - they rock!!

9:48 AM  

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