Sunday, June 25, 2006

School Days: Grade 8b Class Picture

Wow! Here we are 12-14 years old with the dreaded Ms. Johnson - who always wore her hair in a bun, except when she broke her arm. Aside from telling my best friend not to hang out with me because I was holding her back or something - in retrospect, Ms. Johnson wasn't so bad. Just unlucky to have to try and fill Ms. Jaakkimainen's amzing shoes. I'll have to find my grade 7 picture.

Having lost touch with all but 3 people in this picture, I'm afraid I don't have much to say. 2 became engineers (both at Waterloo) and the third is in med school. Another one I think recently graduated from law school - so the folk rumours go and one is alive and not too far away and another was alive and living out west last I ran into his sister.

So, here I am rambling again.

I'd better email all the people I owe emails and stuff and try and be friendly or something.


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