Thursday, July 13, 2006

Other places I wouldn't mind being

Kananaskis Country, powerful skies and a soon to be married fisherman - The beauty of the mountains is just breathtaking and they have fantastic rivers. Not a bad place for a photographer and an water resource engineer - except for the lack of Ocean in Alberta.

I'm in this kind of hyper-space that is racing in a zillion different directions, however - I suspect that bed is in the near future for me - long day tommorrow.

Sit Ups tommorrow - at least 30! There's a goal and maybe some lawn reseeding. I wonder if any of the mint seeds I planted will come up. It was an old package - so i'm not sure if there were at all viable.


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Blogger Jennith said...

Actually - this is a recently married fisherman and no one called me on that yet!! Since Colin got married first and then went galavanting in Banff/Canmore/Kananaskis.


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