Sunday, July 09, 2006

Red Canoe on George Lake

You really can compare the image of a red canoe in an Ontarian Lake to anything. There is simply something symbollic about it. The rugged country behind it has a special kind of beauty - a rugged Canadian Survival beauty. Its a piece of home for me at any rate. The down side of the bright sunny weather when I took this picture almost a week ago, is that my back is still itching from the sunburn I got from being on the lake all day and was wearing sunscreen and I only took my t-shirt off to swim and for a brief while in the canoe. Lesson learned.

Anywho, other exciting and northern news. . . we had a visit last night from 3 clumsy, noisy, young raccoons who tried to climb on our house up the drain pipe... we scared them off, but it may result in further tree pruning which has been my hobby this summer. The other day I worked on the maples and pine in the front. Its a good thing the city picks up yard waste and does stuff with it.

I might go up to Terra if I get a chance to pick up some sand and more soil and see if we can't get some grass reseeded. We picked up some cheap rakes from Canada Tire, but the ground is so dry and hard right now that we can't get the rakes into the parts wee need to break up.

Sigh... so back to work for me -

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