Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Parents Spouting Everywhere

More correctly, I supose it would make more sense to describe babies as "spouting everywhere", however, I've mostly been talking to their mothers and sometimes fathers - so to me it seems that the parents are sprouting where there were none before. I supose it's more like metamorphosing - transforming into the diper-bag lugging, stroller discussing, picture taking, exhausted humans whom all of the symptoms are caused by having a child.

I guess it is just the age that I am, or at least my friends are that are causing this trend. I'm certainly not at that stage of my life -being still a student which results in lugging big bags of text books, drinking coffee and and also being stressed and exhausted.

So, here is at least one of the cute little critters that drool and poo and stuff. I scratch my head but they do make for great photos.

Jennith Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jenn, This is my sister-in-law! I didn't know that you knew each other! Was this at the wedding? Her brother is the father of my son, Curtis.

10:51 PM  

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