Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Love at First Hike

Here is the love of my life shortly after we first met when I dragged him up Mount Katadyn less than 1 week after we starting dating(or thinking about dating at any rate) which was more or less when we met. (Technically we met at a party at the end of August then didn't see each other for a month).

So it was definately love at first hike, if not sight. Heck, I was just glad that he was still talking to me after the 12 mile hike to the summit and back (Actually I think it was 12 miles in both direction and those directions would be straight up and straight down.)

I would recommend the trip to anyone - to the park if not up the most popular and possibly grueling trail in the park. There are lots of trails and I'd love to go back and hike some other ones - they sound great and its one of those places with presense. There is a sense of ancient peace and remoteness unrivaled even in Central Ontario.




Oh, in other news I have my photos updated until March 2006 - that leaves just April and May to complete! Posted by Picasa


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