Saturday, September 30, 2006


Okay - quick blog because I'm studying for my AMFR test tommorrow and so I'm relearning all sorts of first aid trivia and latin terms for body parts.

Today was a mix of sleep inducing lecture (actually some of it was quite engaging, but the horrible chairs were never designed for 6 hours of use by mortal humans. They cut the circulation off to your legs something terrible and encourage slumped posture (to relieve the pressure on the legs) which leads to sleepiness. I think I managed to stay awake for all of it, aparently I was noticably asleep on Friday night. In my defense, I am sick and it was a long day.

Okay, so enough excuses. This afternoon was 9 situations - each invigilated by a returning team members. It wasn't quite as awesome at the ones at LU, but on the other hand Chris straka did not bonk me over the head with a recycling barrel while wearing only a pair of boxers. I guess I'm old too. But the LU event was intense - with casualty simulation and running between situations all over campus. Heck - I would even describe most of the senarios as serious, but reasonable. Sigh... I guess you can never go back to that point in your life where this is new and exciting and something. I'd still describe myself as rusty. Improved from earlier this summer when I was first on a scene in a public place and realized just how much I'd forgotten, but I can't say I'm happy with my performance (and yes I'm beating myself up a bit by comparing it to my competing days.) I did okay, but I could have be much more decisive and what's missing and I should be studying right now is that body of knowledge of symtoms and treatments and the flow of working with other responders. So, that is all I have to say about that. I'll let you know if I make it and if I'm quiet about it and never mention it again.. well, don't ask.

I hear the howl of a returning wolf, escaped from the dungeon of slave labour see Geoff at

Okay. Here is my engineering DIGG. "Bad Kung Fu" (this being my new favourite saying gained in the last 2 weekends) on Montreal overpass. My mom always said they were cheap about roads in Quebec, but this is a pretty scary story. Read it.

Okay... got to go.

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You just can't beat a three quarters naked, beer coated, Chris Straka, hurling debris at your head, while demanding to jump out the window, complaining about the bugs under his skin. You just can't. It's one of those things.


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