Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

Using my pass for the 3rd time, I dragged my family to Crawford Lake via the still rural backroads of Halton and over the escarpment. (My brain is bursting into song... "Somewhere over the escarpment, way up high, birds fly over the escarpment - why then do I still drive :D)

I think Gabe got some more exciting pictures, but here is our local Meromictic (read that as deep and uninhabitatly limited in oxygen near the bottom) Lake. They've done a lot of work on their Iraquois village display and clearly have expanded their outdoor ed. facilities since I was last there (quite some time ago). Oddly, I also had the pleasure of watching native dancing yesterday - when there was a kick-off to aboriginal week at University of Guelph. I also (having slept in and lacking a lunch) was in luck to try numourous native foods such as fried rabbit, venison stew, blueberry bannock and dumplings, pemican soup and strawberry juice. Yum!!!

Anywho, it was a beautiful day - unlike the weather forcast for the rest of the week.


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