Monday, November 27, 2006

Speed Rant: Letting the Conservative Nutbars Comment on Globe Articles

For a change today, I decided to peruse the Globe and Mail rather than the star. Finding an article on Liberal Critsism of Conservative Policy on Woman's issues. The article itself is a bit sensationalist, and I'll grant the Liberal Women's Caucus's use of the phrase "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" to accuse the Conservative of being right wing was perhaps a poor and unprofessional choice of words. It did, of course, catch people's attention.

My rant is not on the article's content, nor the liberal's position or choice of phrases - but the shear nastiness of the responses to the article. Does the Globe and Mail not have the sense to moderate their comments. The nonsense posted in reponse article was so offensive and embarassing that I could only shake my head in wonder. There were a lot of Belinda Stronach digs - expected, but few were well related to the actual article. The number of "my wife's votes conservative and she would strongly disagree" comments made me wonder if these men actually let their wifes choose who they voted for or not. Much of it smacked of the sentiment that "I need to attack all policies issued by my parties enemy, regardless of my personal stance on the issue." The liberals were not much better than the conservative posters, except that the conservative postings tended to offend me more personally (as they were generally attacks on woman and/or liberal views), however, the liberal attacks, were in general equally stupid. There were about 2 postings that I would have considered worthy of display - in that they focused on the issues rather than simply spewing viscious partisan attacks on the other's party. An additional few showed a smidgeon of thought - whose credibility was decreased by their choice of tone, the rest were blatantly stupid and should have be relegated to a desktop trashcan before making to the net on a website managed by our "national newspaper".

The opinions expressed were not, in my opinion, a representative sample of liberal or conservative views.. and if they are... I'm not sure I want to be anything like them.

It makes sense to me that the Liberals are taking time to come up with a set of policies for women's issues in Canada. It doesn't suprise me that they are not entirely in alignment with current policies being put forth by the conservatives. Admittedly, I'm more comfortable with the Liberal views expressed, but I don't feel the need to verbally abuse the conservatives over theirs. The neoconservatives in the "new" conservative party do harbour some pretty backwords ideas about women's role in society (as do several readers who saw fit to comment on the article). Are these idea's entirely without merit? No. Do they appeal to me? Not really. It it good to have discussion with points of view on both sides of an issue? Most certainly. Even within the conservative party, there are clearly divided views on this issue.

Anywho, I expected more mature discussions from Globe and Mail readers, and I'm quite disappointed that they've allowed stupid, inane comments to crowd out well crafted ones.




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