Sunday, December 24, 2006

Back from my blogiday

I've been busy taking pictures to use in my blog for the last week (thus my absense from writing.)

Today (being the 24th of December) is a busy one (not either of my typos for the word busy - buys then busty - sigh....can't type straight)

The last 24 hours I've been driving and sleeping on old friends driveways :P and so I'm home but a tad drowsy.

I picked this picture - because as I was reminded yesterday by his exgirlfriend - or rather I supposed we discussed this - he really is one of the best guys in the world. Nutty - but sweet and I'm lucky to have him (not to mention photogenic and missed)

Anywho... more tails of 24 hours of driving through snow, ice pellets, rain, fog, mist, downpour, darkness, darkness and fog, (you know its a long trip when Montreal is a treat after the driving conditions you've experienced), unplowed (?? unploughed) roads, coffee, tea in Port Hope and McDonalds in Donacona, singing, moose spotting, a quick trip to the Fredericton Market, a nap in Perth Andover, gas in Millville, Riviere de Loup, Donacona, Riviere Delisle, and Belleville, a bagel in Gananoque??, a bunch of phone calls, another nap near the MacIntosh Inn. And little of that list in that order - its time for a shower and some bedroom cleaning and wrapping and laundry.... and much else...

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