Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is that snow falling?

I know I'm guilty of reusing this picture at least once before. I'll admit that this batch is one of my favourites - thus the repeat use.

It seems to be doing something between snowing and raining right now. I can see flakes, but I hear something that sounds like freezing rain on the front window.

I'm still hoping for a good ski year.

For those of you, whom I generally mail Christmas cards, it may be January or perhaps next December before you get them this year as I'm already about a month behind schedule having only sent 4 rather than 40 by this time this year. There is hope, perhaps...

Other than that. I'm reading papers today, trying to finish up some parts of my Ecological Flow Assessment course and prepare to write my first academic paper. (:D) Its going to be a busy month - so much for Christmas. I'm going to be exhausted!! But the harder I work now, the sooner I finish my masters and get a real job.

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