Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bob Rae: Holding his own

Well, we are anxiously waiting for the 2nd ballot results of the liberal leadership. I think the thing I find outstanding about this convention is that it has been a clean race, no slagging, no dirt. I have the sense that they will work together regardless of who wins. I'm still hoping on Rae's behalf, but I'm pleased that Dion is doing well also.

Second ballot:

Ignatieff: 30.6 %
Rae: 24.1 %
Dion: 20.8%
Keneddy: 18.8
Dryden: 4.7%

Rae gained about 160 votes, Ignatieff 70, Dion 130 and Keneddy about 30. While, the race in still undecided. I think Dion may have the best chance, while Rae is still a likely second.

I'll update again after the 3rd ballot.


BTW. The picture of Bob Rae is from his website.


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