Saturday, December 02, 2006

Liberal Leadership Convention: Still Waiting for the Vote

Who would have thought that our embattled NDP premier would be a strong contender in the liberal leadership race. I scammed the picture from his website, hoping that he'd appreciate the publicity (what precious little difference it'll make) and my fond support of his run. The first round votes were supposed to be in by now but, thing seem to be a bit sluggish, so I might have to wait until morning. I've provided a link the results for anyone interested.

I was priviledged to hear Bob Rae speak on his vision of Canada today. It made me feel proud to be one of us and hopeful for the future. He made me smile and hope for the best.

In completely unrelated news, I had a warm fuzzy day due to an enthusiastic thanks from some students I'd helped out. After teaching in Kash, its nice to know that kids don't all hate me. Not that my grade eights hated me, but they weren't always appreciative of how hard I tried or all the work I heaped on them. :D Mind you six years later, I still think of them as my kids and try as best I can to follow up on them and find out how well they are doing. Anywho, it totally made my day that they thought well of me.

Well, I have much to read and write... but I'll update you on the first round of voting as soon as possible.

First Round Results:

Ignatieff: 29.3%
Rae: 20.3%
Dion: 17.8%
Kennedy: 17.7%
Dryden: 4.9 %
Brisson: 4%
Volpe: 3.2%



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