Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tradegies and Snow Tires

I was taking a quick perusal of the Toronto Star while drinking my coffee this morning when I came across the article entittled: "Mother's Death Breaks Hearts" Thinking that it may have been some additional information on the shocking death of a woman who jumped off an overpass onto the 401 with her toddler, I opened it up. It was a totally different story - one of a woman struck down while jogging on the sidewalk by a drunk driver. I'm still a bit tired from my recent intense report writing stint, however, it still managed to bring tears to my eyes. They quoted the father's speech and my heart really went out to him. To be a happy family, and then suddenly lose its centre must be unbareable, especially when it is the result of a sudden senseless act of a drunk driver. Anywho, the article is beautifully written, and my sincerest sympathys go out to the family for their terrible loss.

On the lighter side, if not exactly comedic, I had my first chance to test out my new snow tires driving home yesterday. Being a bit tired, I decided to take the back roads over the 401. The trade off was a longer, but nicer drive without worrying about trucks, although i kept my eyes peeled for deer having seen one during the day on that route. The tires worked great - so I owe a great big thank you for the early christmas present from everyone involved and especially Geoff who ocastrated the whole surprise.
I will say, however, that people don't understand about high beams. The number of people who high beamed me yesterday was nearly as bad as the run from SJ to Fredericton. There were even cars in groups were the 2 and/or third car had their lights on and were driving right behind the person in front of them. I had a taste of how annoying that was on Tremaine. I did get to use my own high beams a bit, which was a nice feeling. I'm not overly impressed with my low beams though.

So, now I'm done the hard part, I get to work on some fun stuff for the next two weeks and maybe over the holidays too.

Off the races I go.

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