Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Over the Rainbow

Ha! We finally got snow (much to the joy of Blue Mountain and all the tragically neglected skiers). I'm hoping to get my draft done soon - and hopefully that means time to go hiking, skiing and excerising and knitting and painting and reading and playing music. My most recent musical aquisition is a harmonica in C - my brother and I are trying to teach ourselves how.

Things are getting closer to done. I'm sort of multi-tasking right now - saying hi to Gabe and writing this post. The photo upload is working slowly - so no pics today.

Gabe and I are discussing stressful episodes of life... and I still have to say the day I had a mechanics exam and a soils exam on the same day with only 2 hours between. I think I'd had an exam the day before too. Soils was okay, but I really wanted to do well, but mechanics had been a rough class with most of us on the borderline of not passing. I did okay on soils - but my attempts at studying between exams were hopeless, so I finally went to the gym where the exams were being held and took a 30 minute nap and then did really well on the final. Sometimes sleeping is better than cramming....

I went to my first class of this semester - Stream Restoration. It looks like a lot of fun and a lot of reading, but intersting stuff. I heard lots of friendly biology stuff, so I think that I'm going to really like it and probably do fairly well. I also excited because we are also going to do a bit of stuff to do with wetlands. I could really see having a career in this area. My final course will be a watershed planning reading course next semester - then my life is writing, reading, field work, modelling, editing, more editing, stressing, stressing and more editing... then hopefully defending and graduating by next Christmas.

Gabe is telling me about his photography courses. They get to play with fun stuff. A bit better than trying to cram a zillion conflicting theories into my poor leaky brain.

A fish is swimming up a stream
Chasing the scent of an elusive dream
Barriers in his way he sees

Oh my...


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