Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thank You Kindly - and all I want for Christmas is 8 uninterupted hours of sleep

I have to admit that the graphic above (obviously) is not my doing or work. I obtained from the following fan web site. Why post it? Well - I don't really care that much about Paul Gross, however, I harbour significant affection for Benton Fraser of Due South Fame, his best character.

I was needing inspiration - What would Fraser do when faced with an unpleasant and daunting task? Probably tell an Inuit tale and buckle down and "suck it up". So here I will try to go Fraser style into another long night of writing.

I have a couple of links I wanted to share, but I won't have time to edit my template before I forget about them.

Inuktitut Snow Lexemes
M.I.L.K. Project (Moments of intamicy, love and kindness)

Ca c'est for today and probably tommorrow - I'm cashing in on that nice chunk of sleep soon hopefully.



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Blogger Wonder Woman! said...

I crave sleep.
Suck it up... gotta remember that one.
He's hot... Mmm.... Paul Gross... he plays some of the wackiest characters but he's hot. :) haha. I wouldn't kick him out of bed.

7:35 PM  

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