Thursday, March 08, 2007

Snowshoeing Gone Wrong

While listening to the news this morning, my ears perked up to hear that someone was lost on the Fundy Trail. "I've been there", I thought. The shock though, was finding out that ther person was actually someone that I knew fairly well and in fact had gone hiking and snowshoeing with in the past with the UNB wildlife society. The good news is that they found him and he seems to be alive - although apparently he's listed in serious condition and may lose some toes. This is at least the 3rd bad thing to happen to someone I know, doing something that they do well in the last year - Last fall a friend was in a bad climbing accident, and Andrew Desmond, a close friend from high school, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Hopefully things work out okay. He's a strong athlete who I remember for conquering Katadyn in 6 hours, when it took the other group 12 hours, and we limped in exhausted, in the dark, at about 8 pm. (although in our defense, we slowed down to accomodate a member who'd sprained their ankle.) Although, amusingly, we ran into communication problems that time too - the FRS radios each group had had to communicate failled to work even when we were both down and in the parking lot - complicating our finding them after the hike and letting them know we were back.

More surprising is who widely this is making the news. Here is a link to the star article.

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Blogger complexvanilla said...

I have been through the trauma of losing two of my friends (who did not know each other) to accidents too. Incidentally, both of them drowned to death while on picnics, in separate incidents. On both occasions, I was supposed to have been there with them, but ended up not going at the last minute. I ever felt guilty over it for sometime, thinking that the incidents may have never occurred had I been there, but then, there's only so many things that are in our control, aren't there?

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