Sunday, April 22, 2007

Photographic Surprise

Taking photos of trout lillies (Yeah! the first I've seen this year) is not always easy. You have a choice between lying belly down on the forest floor or you have to take the picture and hope you get what you want without looking through the viewfinder. I took about 10 pictures, hoping that a few would be in focus. For the most part, they didn't turn out, but this one - in spite of me missing most of the flower - was not only in focus, but contained the image of an insect I hadn't noticed when taking the photo. Go figure.

I'm excited about spring. I actually got out hiking on the Bruce trail twice this weekend. I went to Hilton falls on the way to Guelph yesterday, which was nice despite the line up to get in and I went to Mount Nemo (my new favourite place to hike) today with Gabe. Between us, we have about 120 pictures of turkey vultures (and I have about 15 - which leaves Gabe with the rest.)

Anywho... I'm back in the photo days. Silver Creek is one of my next hits and maybe somewhere next weekend to... I'll post some photos. As for probably one of the longest gaps in my posting - my apologies. Things have been a bit wild around here and I've been trying to spend less time on my computer and more time exercising.

Here are some of my goals for the summer:

1. Get another 20 crest sewn on my blanket
2. Make a small, simple quilt
3. Exercise a little every day - and in the end - be in pretty good shape by the end of the summer.
4. Cross stitch - I bought my first real cross stitch a few weeks ago and I'd like to finish it by Christmas
5. Organize my files better - this means tackling the filing cabinet first and then the boxes of papers in the basement - and perhaps throwing some old stuff out.
6. Get as much of my ruddy thesis done as possible this summer - so that I can escape by christmas.
7. Spend some time with friends and phone some people I owe phone calls and create a book that has current phone numbers of people in it.


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