Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Weather is Confused

I must admit that I've never been a real fan of spring. Its usually to wet to hike and until the trilliums and trout lillies emerge - not the best time of year to be in the woods. So I played with the photo editor and made this one look a bit more appetizing. The weather, promising a week ago, it threatening snow and while I am used to snow in April (a common occurance in all the places I've lived the past 11 years) I was hoping for an early spring this year now that I'm down south. :D I keep checking the weather channel in hopes that they've changed their minds about the sub zero temperatures and flurries. I guess I should be glad to be facing a few flurries rather than threats of 25 cm of snow, but then again at least you can ski on that (says the girl who only went skiing once this winter).

I also discovered the weather network website which I've always turned my nose up because it wasn't environment canada - but they have way good maps that show temperature, snow depth and precipitation giving a country wide overview. So I think I may visit there more often - and they have more detailed predictions too.

Alright.. no one really cares what I think about the cold or the weather network website. In more entertaining news, I was dreaming that I was swimming laps to prepare for my NLS recert (I wonder if you can burn calories by dreaming that you are doing something athletic) when my FRT radio went off which resulted in me going under and ending up with a mouth full of water in my dream before waking up to a dry and beeping reality. In the good old days, I'd have been half way down the hall running full tilt before I work up.


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