Thursday, March 22, 2007

Streaming into spring

The morning began chasing a Brampton Transit bus and then I got lost. Well, turned around. I knew where I was, just not how to get where I was going using the roads I wanted to travel - nothing the 2 dozen maps (or at least the relevant portion of them) couldn't solve if I stopped to read them. This led to old Meadowvale - which is where I thought I wanted to go, but in fact wasn't. The long and short of it was that I discovered Fletcher's creek (my original goal had to be to access the Credit River from a small conservation area so I could get some spring flood pictures, however Fletcher's creek served my purposes better.)

The trail through this area was water covered ice, so I didn't venture too far, but I'd love to come back in fairer weather and explore. I did wander along the banks of the stream on both sides of 2nd line. It was a sort of self directed field trip intended to reinforce some of the concepts I'm learning in stream restoration and to collect some photos for a CD project I'm working on. What did I find that was exciting. A stream that was incising and widening in response to changes in its flow and sediment regimes due to urbanization. It is clear that a great deal of work has gone into designing the stormwater management facilities for the area. An enormous, and sadly fenced, storm water pond shares the valley with the stream. I got a couple of neat shots of the outfall to the stream. It was fun to photograph with lots of bends and meanders and bird song.

Anywho, I'll some more of the photos over the next few days.... yeah... streams and stormwater favourites...

Okay.. Hopefully the weather will turn to spring and it won't be long before I'm filling this blog with pictures of spring flowers in the woodlands, but I'm afraid to say... this is it for now.


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