Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby brother is all grown up

Depending when you knew me, assuming that you aren't simply a random internet stranger entertaining yourself by reading about the lives of other strangers, you may remember my kid brother as the small, curly-haired ninja turtle that was occasionally seen and almost never heard around my house. Although quiet when young, somewhere around the age of 12 - my brother discovered the sound of his own voice and hasn't shut up since although the sofistication of his chatter has vastly increased over the last few years. I fear he knows more about english and philosphy than I ever will. He sort of followed in our footsteps, joining the Woodlands Drama club when he got to highschool - although he was more prone to lead roles than lighting and sound. Beyond that he's simply unique.

Having moved home, after 11 years away from this part of the world, I rediscovered the joy of sharing a bathroom with a sibling (yeesh... how do they get so much water everywhere and never manage to get stuff in the laundry basket or garbage). Of course... being 11 years older than when I left, my baby brother was no longer a ninja turtle, but an artist, music, actor, scientist, philospher and writer.....preparing to enter university. Not to mention have grown somewhat taller and more bearded.... I guess having 2 baby brothers with facial hair is no weirder than having a 30 year old sister when you are in highschool - especially one still in school and owning several stuffed animals.

This past week, he and my parents have been bopping from university to university trying to gather the information needed to make the big decision.... I recall spending my last year of highschool playing Northwest Passage and the Edmund Fitzgerald ad naseaum in preparation for moving up north. Its a weird kind of double vision to remember yourself at that age and see someone at the cusp of that transition and wonder where all your time and energy went. How on earth did I find time to hang out with friends, practice the guitar, volunteer for guiding, special needs swimming and the red cross, deliver papers, play on the school soccer team and take part in the drama and outers clubs....I feel tired just typing that... and guilty that my guitar is still in its case....

Good luck to my little brother on his journeys...these are the best years of your life... savour them because you only have that much energy and that much opportunity once...



P.S. On a side note, I seem to be suffering from a wide spread epidemic of blog neglect.... hopefully I'll remedy this soon... Look for comments on David Usher's new album tomorrow.

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Blogger lothyn said...

I remember thinking joe's sisters were so *old*... That went by fast.

Best of luck to Alex as he gets started on his next path.

5:43 PM  
Blogger complexvanilla said...

Hey Jennith, not fair! While all the people who read your blog may not know your kid brother, they are hardly random internet strangers, much less those who entertain themselves by going through blogs of other strangers! A stranger doesn't remain one after exchanging thoughts and notes you know. They become acquaintances, and perhaps, over time, friends.

9:07 AM  

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