Monday, April 02, 2007


I wandered onto Andrew Desmond's live journal for some reason tonight. I guess he's surfaced a bit more in my mind this week owing to it being his birthday, or maybe it was just hanging out with highschool friends or people I've run into on facebook. It somehow seems less angry now than it did when I read it last year - I guess it just made me think how he never had much luck, every time things started to go well, some crazy thing would sideswipe him. I wonder if he ever worried just because things were going good, the pattern was that strong. I still regret that I didn't drop by his work on that Saturday, like I meant to, since clearly Tuesday was too late. Then again, maybe this would be that much more horrifying if it had happened after re-establishing contact with him - knowing him as I did - he'd probably have said something infuriating and iratating and left me feeling grouchy at him. Its all beyond changing - so I scatch my head and wonder at the cruelty of fate. Hope there is still cake and ice cream on the other side.

The FRT end of year party was tonight. We enjoyed a snazzy dinner at a restaurant and some awards. It was kind of nostalgic - not a bad bunch of people really even though living out of town has limited my social interaction with them in general. I'm on shift now, hoping for a quiet night.

Ren and family visited the other day, leaving a small pair of shoes behind should they be wondering where they go to. I made some pretty good spagetti sause, even for me. Unfortunately I'm starting to feel sleepy and should catch some zzzz's, since I can't remember the rest of the list of things I wanted to say.


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