Friday, June 01, 2007

The African Violet flowers

Some people have a knack for house plants. I supose its a mix of including them in your routine and taking the time to research their specific needs. I'm sure this flower was in bloom when Gabe gave it too me, but I don't recall seeing it bloom since. I suspect that the lack was light. Not that this room gets particularly good light, but it helps when the blinds are open more often than not.

Its neat looking - I think a second bloom is on the way. I guess we should be glad we haven't killed it with a combination of neglect and overwatering. This weekend I embark on reflowering the garden. I'm glad that my mint, thyme, beabalm, sage and parsley overwintered ok. Considering that I bought the limp bedraggled things at a fire sale last July. I'd like to plant some more mint and some daisies or echinacea. I promise photos soon.

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