Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bricknell's Cransbill

I've rediscovered the myriad of trails that wend through Kelso conservation area. While a lookout facing over the 401 isn't the most charming spot I've ever found, the trails themselves are nice. The woods are open and airy - although numerous cyclist abound - some in places where they shouldn't be. The tangle of interconnected trails is also a bit on the variably marked side, but I mostly stuck to the Bruce Trail which kept me out of trouble. This has been another week of much backroads driving. The most amusing little town I came across is Brucedale - which rhymes with Sprucedale - which is really all I can remember about it to tell it apart from the myriad others I've seen. Eden Mills has some lovely old buildings and there is something lovely about Kilbride. I finally managed to find the intersection of Britannia and Cedar Springs Rd. Its a funny intersection and poorly marked, so I can see how I ended up in Burlington the last time I tried to do it.

Anywho, no backroads for me today...I'm learning about datum's and coordinate systems and projections in ArcGIS and hopefully completely the non computer aspects of a groundwater modelling assignment. Later though, I might head out to find an external drive or a stack of CDRs so I can unclutter my poor harddrive- currently the victem of 35 gigs of pictures :S



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