Saturday, June 09, 2007

Kushiel's Justice

Well - I will not spoil the story in any way save to say that I can't hardly bear to wait an entire year for the third book. With her usual cunning and beautiful words, Jacqueline Carey has humbled me with her wit, humanity and wisdom. I sometimes wonder what has happened in her life to find the depth of her characters and the story. Its a magic few authors have to make the characters so real that you see their stories unfold even as you read it. I read through all 700 pages in less than 48 hours (with sleep, work and a bit of social time in between.) If I owe you a reply to anything... I'll admit that it would have taken a great deal to tear me from the book. Given my glowing review and the 3 links to her own webpage - I hope she won't mind that I borrowed a picture of the cover art without permission - but I want people to be easily able to find it on the shelves of the book store after reading the 4 proceeding related books....

I must head off to grandmothers house.... :D there is cake waiting to be eaten.

I'll catch up on hello's soon..... :D



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