Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Safe Childrearing

I woke up this morning, as I have for the past few weeks, to the raucous sounds of grackles in the tree outside my window. In fact, there were three juvenile grackles squawking at mom to get a move on it with breakfast (and/or dad). Generally, they make me crazy - their shrill croaks and squawks are much louder than my own alarm and they start, without fail, before the sun is up. This morning however, I watched their antics in fascination as they weakly fluttered between branches and competed for food. Hopefully, the bug hunting will be better tomorrow - because I really don't need to wakeup that early.

In a mostly unrelated bent, I stumbled across this article in the star over lunch - having many friends who believe strongly in co-sleeping - I thought I'd put in the link. I'm sure you'd find fault with the article for being one sided and providing no statistics on the number of parents choosing to co-sleep or the natures of the death - however... hey - knowing both sides is good.

It other news the recent rain combined with the prediction of coming sun should be a fantastic start for the garden. I can't wait until the plants fill out and start dazzling the eye. I promise - geranium pictures as soon as there is enough sun to make them come out nice.


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