Sunday, August 05, 2007

Before there was sun

The morning of the wedding was overcast and threatening to rain (as the weather forcast had been suggesting all week). But miraculously, by the time we went to the church the clouds left a perfect blue sky for the proceedings, but the overcast morning had helped to keep the temperature quite pleasant.

I also had a pleasant surprise. I took off a ring (a recent purchase and my sole momento from Tampa) to wash my face and left it on the bed. When I rushed to pack up and check out and head to breakfast, I missed seeing it. Fortunately, when we were at breakfast, some of the folks were teasing the groom about not loosing his ring and telling stories about men who'd lost their wedding rings on their honeymoons. This prompted me to notice that I couldn't remember packing my ring and that I wasn't wearing. So, I returned to the Deep River Motel right after breakfast, but the room had already been cleaned and the owner, who had cleaned it had headed out for supplies for the day. Friday, I got a letter in the mail, they had quickly mailed my ring back to me. I had figure that I'd dropped it and lost it forever. I'm deeply thankful for their kindness in so quickly returning it to me.
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